Fabulous Colour Analysis Course

A fabulous franchise-free colour analysis course designed for both beginners and experienced image consultants that works for every skin tone and skin colour. Be different and stand out from the crowd with my 'Stuff the System Put the Client First' approach to colour analysis.

Tried and tested seasonal and tonal colour analysis training

Fabulous franchise-free colour analysis training designed for both beginners and experienced image consultants that works for every skin tone and skin colour. Stand out from the crowd with my ‘Stuff the System Put the Client First’ approach.

Fabulous Colour Analysis!

In the first 45 minutes of this Fabulous Colour Analysis Course, you will discover my easy-to-learn method that works every time for every skin tone and colour on the planet, regardless of what you might have read elsewhere!

  • Learn tonal and seasonal analysis – with and without drapes
  • How to use the drapes and swatch wallets – or not!
  • Watch 6 personal colour consultations, demonstrating how to deal with the different nuances of Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Hispanic colouring
  • Learn my easy-peasy, step-by-step approach to running a 1-1 colour consultation
  • You will love the colour psychology quiz – the key to your client’s personality, and your own!
  • Loads of suggestions for small group workshops
  • How to promote your business and find your first clients
  • With lifetime access to over 11 hours of franchise-free training filmed over 2 days with 6 real, living, breathing image consultants from the UK, Cyprus, and Mexico

There are loads of training companies out there telling you that they offer the ‘only accurate method of colour analysis’. Utter rubbish!

Colour is totally subjective

There isn’t a single organisation on the planet that legislates on which colours are right and which are wrong. The only person who can tell you whether you’re right or wrong is your client!

The only accurate colour analysis is the one that provides the client with the result she is personally looking for – for where she is right now, who she is being, and who she would like to become.

This isn’t about you being right. It’s always, always about helping your client dress appropriately for every occasion to express who she wants the world to see so she can look and feel completely confident and get what she wants from and for her life.

But if ‘being right’ is more important to you than your client, then my colour analysis training is definitely not for you! However, if you’d really like to Stuff the system and Put the client first, then join us and become part of a movement to change the world with the fabulous gift of colour analysis, one client at a time!

Franchise-free training

Like all our courses, this course is franchise-free colour analysis training, and it’s for both beginners and experienced consultants with lifetime access to over 11 hours of online video filmed over 2 days with 6 image consultants from England, Scotland, Cyprus, and Mexico.

Image consultant training
In-depth professional training for image consultants, colour consultants, and personal stylists

Learn and re-learn
Live training filmed over 2 days to watch and re-watch whenever and wherever you need to

Training manuals
Ready-to-download-and-print training manuals, forms, and client handouts, plus extra online training materials and resources

Lifetime online access
Lifetime course access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

You will learn how to:

  • diagnose seasonal and tonal directions, with and without drapes
  • use the drapes and swatch wallets
  • run 1-1 colour consultations
  • run small group workshops
  • analyse your client’s colour personality (and your own)
  • get your first clients
  • promote your business

All my colour courses are designed to work with ANY drapes and swatches and my methods work with EVERY skin type and colour on the planet!

Access, support, & certification

Franchise-free training, with lifetime access to videos, manuals, ready-to-print client handouts, and extra course materials via your online training account. Online access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, wherever you have internet access.

Loads of ongoing support with direct access to me in our global community exclusively for image consultants, plus 6 months’ personal email support from me.

Internationally-recognised certification as a qualified Improvability colour consultant.


Q: Kim, what’s the difference between this course, Fabulous Colour Analysis, and Colour Analysis Training in a Box?

A: I’m teaching ONE consultant in Colour Analysis Training in a Box. I am teaching a group of SIX consultants in the Fabulous Colour Analysis course. So the questions, perspectives, and conversations are completely different…

In Colour Analysis Training in a Box, you can watch Sue having her own full colour consultation. In the Fabulous Colour Analysis course:

  • you’ll watch practical, personal colour consultations for each of the 6 consultants from the UK, Cyprus, and Mexico
  • and on video 6, watch all six consultants analyse each other, using a variety of methods
  • demonstrating how to deal with the different nuances of Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Hispanic colouringthis alone would probably be worth you getting Fabulous Colour Analysis

Take a look

In this 16-minute clip from the Fabulous Colour Analysis course you will learn about:

Pioneering days
Learn about the pioneering days before professional drapes and swatches arrived on the scene.

Seasonal / Tonal approach
Why the tonal approach took over a decade to find its feet, and why seasonal analysis works for some consultants and is absolutely the wrong choice for others.

Client from hell
Why I would be the client from hell, plus the colour you should never paint a bedroom and why!

Every skin tone
An easy-to-learn method of colour analysis that works for every single skin tone and colour you’ll ever come across.

Your colour client
What your client is really interested in and why this will help you promote your business.

Duration 16 minutes

Fabulous Colour Analysis content

Course day #1

  • The fascinating history and theory of colour analysis
  • Why this system works for both beginners and experienced image consultants
  • The fundamentals of diagnosing both tonal and seasonal directions
  • How to diagnose with the drapes
  • How to diagnose without drapes
  • ‘In the chair’ sessions showing how to use the drapes – comparisons, accents, neutrals, and universal colours

Course day #2

  • How to diagnose your client’s colour personality and why this is so important
  • A session on marketing and how to get your first clients
  • A step-by-step approach to a successful 1-1 colour consultation
  • How to use the drapes and swatch wallets
  • More practical ‘in the chair’ personal colour consultations
  • Colour personality
  • Workshop ideas
  • How to promote your business and get clients
  • How to build your independent franchise-free business

Course highlights

  • In-depth professional colour analysis training which includes both tonal and seasonal colour analysis
  • How my method works for every skin tone and colour
  • Practical ‘in the chair’ sessions – watch all the attendees having their own personal colour consultation
  • A step-by-step approach to a successful colour consultation
  • How to use the drapes and swatch wallets Suggestions for small group workshops, talks, and presentations

Course documents

  • Colour Analysis Training Manual
  • Extra course notes with hints and tips to illuminate the major learning points
  • Lists of drapes and sets, with seasonal and tonal notations
  • Lists of contents for swatch wallets and fans
  • Neutrals and Universal Colours
  • Client Feedback Form
  • Seasonal, tonal, and capsule wardrobe client handouts
  • Hair Colour Names – from professional hair colourists

More training resources

  • Colour Psychology Questionnaire and answer sheet
  • Tonal Taster Script- your secret marketing method
  • Suggested Colour Consultation Overview
  • Make-up suggestions for seasonal, tonal, and lipstick
  • Primary colours
  • Tips for using drapes and wallets
  • Munsell’s colour system
  • Colour analysis for every skin tone
  • Colour psychology using the Beatles as an analogy (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
  • Client Personality is the key

Extra training videos

  • Tips for using the drapes
  • Colour analysis for every skin tone
  • Client Personality is the key

Lifetime access and colour supplies

  • Instant online access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Lifetime access
  • You can purchase the Improvability Colour Analysis Starter Kit separately which contains a set of 66 drapes, 4 seasonal & 6 safe tonal fabric fans, a cover-up cape and a colour wheel, as used by Kim on the course

See what they’re saying.

Our happy customers have a lot to say about the Fabulous Colour Analysis Course!

I am so thrilled I spent my money with you! It was such a relief to me that your work is completely focused on the client and flexible in application. Hallelujah! I had my colours done in the early 90s and it really changed the way I felt about myself in a good way. I did though, over the years, think surely we are more than a season and couldn’t really reconcile my mixed feelings about it all. When I went looking for a course I got turned off so many because they seemed so rigid and passé. I LOVE colour and I do a bit of coloured pencil art and have always wondered if I could be a personal colour consultant. Since leaving my last job I started a bit of direct sales in makeup as a hobby and thought it was about time to step into my love of colour. I took up your colour course first and then the style course and am making my way through both. I am absolutely loving it. The colour course feels quite natural for me. Some of the styling feels more challenging and I have so much to learn. I wanted to say I was so thrilled to see you talking about movement advice for clients in the style course. For me, it is SO powerful and an area so overlooked and not really understood by most people, except under a broad term of ‘body language’. So, thank you for your generous and pragmatic style as well as your informative courses. Since starting your courses I have felt completely affirmed and am committed to my own business now as an image consultant. Woot! New career! Once I get rolling, I would like to get some regular 1:1 mentoring with you. In the meantime, I’ll finish these courses and get onto certification.



Hi Kim, I signed up for your Fab Colour course last night and stayed up til 3 am watching part 1. Made me chuckle watching you with that colour me beautiful ‘the one that started it all’ book. Oh how many hours of my life quizzing that book and the personal style cmb book. Your references to Dallas and Dynasty – brilliant. You basically said in the first 30mins everything that was in my head for years. And I’ve looked at so many systems trying to figure out the differences and similarities. You are music to my ears. So happy I found you!



First I would like to say congrats for your amazing performance on the course. Second, I would love to say thanks for giving to us the opportunity to have 3 calls with you, for me it’s more than a treasure! Let me tell you that I’ve studied with others previously and it’s been very, very interesting to contrast the different ways and I’m enjoying and understanding too, that the more I know, the more I still have to learn so I would love to prepare some very important questions for you. I can’t lose this opportunity! Big besos from España and thank you again for everything!



I just completed Part 1 of Fab Colour (love it). I own an Ecommerce business that helps women health seekers find self-confidence via safe beauty products. I want to continue my color analysis training so I can offer the best service when it comes to helping my customers choose the best makeup colors, especially online. I would also love to offer full color analysis courses as an add-on service. I am very excited about all this!! Thanks so much Kim for making this possible.



Love this course Kim. I can watch on my iPad anywhere. Also I like the interaction in the group of ladies. I found this course answered a lot of my questions so many thanks for that. Found it amusing too!

Karen Standing


Just to let you know I’ve been getting on fabulously with your Fabulous Colour Analysis course that you recommended to me. The colour and business advice I have found truly useful and what you say about the client’s psychological aspect really rings true for me.



Thanks Kim! I’m thrilled to get started on this venture. Thank you for providing such thorough training materials. I feel much more confident about color analysis now after finishing your course!

Karen Power


Hi Kim, I recently purchased your online course Fabulous Colour Analysis and have learned so much after just the first day. Your no-nonsense attitude and sincere support are not only encouraging, but also inspiring. Now, I’d like to purchase some colour supplies.

Karen Reed


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