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The Tonal Taster script used at the Eastwood Hall live event in front of a capacity audience, is my secret marketing method and this live recording has never before been available as a training resource. If I had to start again tomorrow with no clients, I would use The Tonal Taster to kick-start my business.

The Tonal Taster script used at the Eastwood Hall live event in front of a capacity audience, is my secret marketing method and this live recording has never before been available as a training resource. If I had to start again tomorrow with no clients, I would use The Tonal Taster to kick-start my business.

This one marketing method has brought me more clients than any other so use the Tonal Taster to promote your image consultancy too. Then use the Tonal Taster for tonal diagnosis in your personal colour consultations and group workshops.

Watch 2 hours of me presenting a live Tonal Taster as the guest speaker to an audience of over 60 ladies and gentlemen. I was invited by Eastwood Hall Hotel, here in the UK, to create a special presentation about colour for the hotel’s annual thank you event.

I was told there would be 25 female PAs and secretaries from local businesses. Unforeseen circumstances meant there were over 60 in the room, including some gentlemen, and hotel staff too.

There’s so much to learn from seeing an un-edited live event.

  • How to present the Tonal Taster in a live setting
  • How to introduce yourself and create rapport with your audience
  • How to handle last-minute hitches, presenting to more guests than you had bargained for
  • How to deliver a tonal diagnosis for every single person in the room
  • What to say, how to say it, and when to say it
  • How to set yourself apart from all the other speakers out there
  • How to make sure your audience never forgets you
  • How to use the Tonal Taster to create bookings for your personal consultations and group workshops
  • The 4-page Tonal Taster script is included
  • The 17-page extended Tonal Taster script is included
  • My own personal notes from the live presentation, 22 pages, with lots of extra tips to use in your own presentations and workshops

Just getting started?

This advanced course assumes you already understand the fundamentals of colour analysis so if you haven’t already studied colour analysis, I recommend you complete Colour Analysis Training in a Box or the Fabulous Colour Analysis Course first. Alternatively, if professional-level training isn’t your thing, the Colour Analysis Explained course will be just what you need.

So excited! Wonderful seeing you in action with the Tonal Taster session, Kim. You and Neil make a great team. Thank you both for all your hard work.

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New Zealand

Hi Kim, I would just like to say I LOVE watching you teach. I can honestly watch the videos over and over again (which is what I’m doing). I am a visual learner first then followed by words then repetition. You are so funny, light hearted and well spoken. I am only on video 1-3 of Color in a Box and I can tell I will enjoy the rest of the training very much. You are very inspirational.

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Canada | UAE

I’ve recently finished watching the Colour-in-a-Box videos – fantastic! Very interesting, informative & inspiring. I loved the layout and Sue’s questions. I have all sorts of ideas and plans in my head re how to move forwards. I intend to watch the course again but in the meantime I thought I should make a start with the questions I have for you so far.

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Finished! Kim So delighted. Loved it! Super super course. Can’t wait to start practising. Wore some of my wow colours (chocolate brown & ochre) to a family occasion last weekend and got lots of compliments. I would love to be able to do this for others. Thanks so much for everything. You are changing my life in more ways than you know.

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Hello there Kim! I have just finished your wonderful Color Analysis in a Box + Tonal Taster Training and would like to request my Diploma. I have been immersed in the wonderful world of learning all about your color system and have to say this is by far the best experience abroad that I have ever had and feel very blessed to have you as my teacher! I found it to be the most comprehensive program I could find and the one that makes total sense to me.

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Dear Kim, I would firstly like to say thank you for such wonderful courses. I have just completed my Colour Analysis and Ladies Style Courses and training manuals and both courses were so informative and enjoyable. I just need to get going now and gosh… I am so nervous!! I absolutely love colour as I am qualified in Colour Healing Therapy and I love the psychology of it all, so am looking forward to applying my new skills.

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All our courses, collections, and coaching are franchise-free which means you do not have to use the colour analysis drapes, capes, and fabric fans in our colour analysis supplies store, but the colour supplies we use the most in our courses and colour consultations are:

The course is organised into modules and each module is broken down into manageable topics, so that you can easily keep track of your progress. The course contains:

  1. 120 minutes live event video recording
  2. Easy to view, download, or print presentation notes
  3. Easy to view, download, or print Tonal Taster scripts
  4. Personal email support

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