Colour Analysis Training in a Box

Diagnose both seasonal and tonal colour analysis for every skin type. Learn how to get your colour consultancy up and running, and how to run your colour consultations and workshops.

Colour Analysis Training in a Box is a franchise-free seasonal and tonal colour analysis course, with colour psychology training that’s not available anywhere else. Learn seasonal and tonal colour analysis from scratch, or add colour to your existing image consultancy, with my proven step-by-step Stuff the System Put the Client First method, along with my personal email support.

The course is written and presented by Kim Bolsover, a recognised, award-winning professional who has run her own successful image consultancy for over 40 years. It’s self-study training so you learn at your own pace without the need to leave your home or office.

It’s professional training on tap, wherever you are in the world.

  • The course includes both seasonal and tonal colour analysis
  • The choice to work with 4 seasons, 6 tones, 12 seasons, or any other combination
  • Works with any skin type or colour, in any country
  • Works with any drapes and colour swatches
  • Takes into account both the physical and psychological aspects of your client
  • How to get your image consultancy up and running and how to get your first clients
  • How to expand your existing image business
  • Includes comprehensive support so you have a real person to turn to with your questions both during and after your course

Condensing over 40 years of colour analysis learning into one course was always going to involve a mountain of information. It’s a bit much to take in all at once, so I’ve split it down into an easy-to-follow modular format.

Follow the online tuition with the Colour Analysis Training Manual, the same training guide that every single trainee receives on my face-to-face training events. You don’t get a cut-down version. Then just when you thought the training manual was more than enough, there’s extra online learning, over 370 pages of in-depth training materials, plus I’ve included all the done-for-you, ready-to-print client handouts you’ll need to get started.

  • Learn colour theory and the principles of seasonal and tonal colour analysis, the 4 Seasons and the 6 Tones, seasonal traits and tonal characteristics, and how to put it all into practice
  • Learn about skin tone, how your client relates to colour, and how my methods work with every skin type and colour on the planet
  • How to run 1-to-1 colour consultations without the stress
  • How to run group colour workshops so that you can cater for all client types
  • How to easily determine your client’s colour personality and your own, of course
  • How to help every client look and feel so fabulous that they book with you for more

The 1-to-1 colour consultation

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Boost your confidence knowing you have access to my tried-and-tested techniques that I’ve spent years fine tuning.

  • Learn how to do a 1-to-1 colour consultation by watching an in-depth full-length unedited colour consultation
  • Find out how to use and advise your client on neutrals, accent colours, jewellery, make-up
  • Discover how to diagnose colour using your drapes
  • Learn alternative ways to analyse your client’s colouring
  • Discover how to easily do personal and group colour analysis without a drape in sight
  • Add another dimension to your colour consultations with a simple, fun way to discover your client’s colour personality
  • Learn how to put it all together to create an unique service that will make you stand out from the crowd

Colour personality

Learn a simple, fun way to help your client discover her own colour personality. This will help you communicate effectively with every client, especially when they’re completely different from you. Learn how to add colour psychology as a fabulous, fun extra to your colour services.

Easily recoup your investment

With hints and tips from over 40 years running my own image consultancy, learn:

  • How to get your first clients
  • How to handle telephone enquiries
  • How to promote your colour consultations and group workshops
  • How to book paying clients
  • How to build your very own franchise-free image consultancy
  • How to maximise your income and profits


This revolutionary colour analysis training, can be taken and re-taken whenever you like, and gives you a fantastic opportunity to get in on professional training at a mere snip of the cost to attend a live event. I love live training but it can take several days out of your already-busy schedule, and those travel and hotel expenses can easily double your overall training costs.

There are also plenty of courses out there that cost thousands of dollars and they want you to sell their make-up and scarves! For many of them, colour is just a front end to encourage you to sell their products to your clients. Even worse, some will restrict you to working in just your local area, or only use their colour supplies.

Is that what you want? Or do you want to do things your way? If you don’t want to be involved with a franchise-type training company, then take a good long look at my courses -they’re all franchise-free.

Best of all, you get a proven system

A proven system that has produced over 3,000 consultants in 60+ countries around the world. You get a step-by-step guide with my personal support that starts you on your way and builds your confidence making you virtually unstoppable in your efforts to realise your dream and work with colour and wonderful clients.

The course is organised into 15 modules and each module is broken down into manageable topics, 26 in total, so that you can easily keep track of your progress.

The course contains:

  1. Video based training
  2. Easy to view, download, or print course manuals
  3. Easy to view, download, or print training resources
  4. Additional video based training modules
  5. Personal email support
  6. Training certification

About Instructor

Kim Bolsover

The VIP Lounge was founded by award-winning mentor, trainer, speaker, and author, Kim Bolsover, who is also an independent trainer for Wella UK’s Master Colour Expert trainers and a Certified Words That Change Minds LAB Profile® Practitioner. Kim has over 40 years’ experience teaching colour, style and image, appearance, behaviour and communication, and in coaching and mentoring image consultants and entrepreneurs to build their own successful businesses.

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Course Includes

  • 15 Modules
  • 26 Topics
  • Payment options : Pay in full and save, or spread the cost and pay monthly with flexipay on professional-level training.

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