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Strategy Courses

Strategy courses

Professional-level business strategy courses for image consultants

Franchise-free, online self-study with lifetime access, free updates, certification, and loads of support.

Each course includes training materials, handouts, questionnaires, and a plethora of extras.

Let’s face it. Being able to analyse someone’s colouring, shape or style is never going to be enough on its own to create the income you are looking for. Without clients, your colour analysis and personal style skills are about as much use as a chocolate teapot!

So that’s why I’ve created these business strategy courses to show you how easy it is to create a successful and profitable image consultancy.

It’s in-depth, professional-level business strategy training covering:

  • Where to find your first clients
  • How to let potential clients know you’re available for business
  • Exactly what to say to them
  • What to charge
  • How to keep happy clients coming back for more
  • How to create profitable presentations and workshops
  • How to create a bespoke plan to create a successful and profitable image consultancy

Start with
Pricing Your Services & Finding Clients

  • Three mini courses showing you how to: Price your colour & style services, Find clients, and Stand out from the crowd, so that you can easily create a successful and profitable image consultancy

Then complete the
How to Make Money from Colour Analysis course

  • How to find ideal clients, run successful colour consultations, create profitable presentations, and develop a bespoke business plan so that you can easily make money from colour analysis whenever you want.

And then the
Get More Clients course

  • Discover who your ideal clients are, where to find them, how to let them know you’re available, exactly what to say to them, what to charge, and how to keep them coming back for more.

How to Make Money from Colour Analysis

If you need to create an income from colour analysis, this is for you. How to run successful consultations and profitable workshops. A bespoke plan to get your colour consultancy up and running with clarity and ease.

Get More Clients Course

Where to find your first paying clients, how to let clients know that you’re available for business, exactly what to say to them, what to charge, and how to retain clients too.

VIP Lounge | Strategy

Kim Bolsover

Kim Bolsover

Course Author

The VIP Lounge was founded by award-winning mentor, trainer, speaker, and author, Kim Bolsover, who is also an independent trainer for Wella UK’s Master Colour Expert trainers and a Certified Words That Change Minds LAB Profile® Practitioner. Kim has over 40 years’ experience teaching colour, style and image, appearance, behaviour, and communication, and in coaching and mentoring image consultants and entrepreneurs to build their own successful businesses.
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