Tonal Colour Analysis Course

The 4 seasons colour theory just doesn’t work for everyone so the tonal system fills in the gaps and provides seasonal and tonal alternatives for all your clients.

The Tonal Colour Analysis Course is new colour analysis tonal system training that’s not available anywhere else.

The 4 seasons colour theory just doesn’t work for everyone so the tonal system fills in the gaps and provides seasonal and tonal alternatives for all your clients. Now you can learn tonal colour analysis techniques with my tonal colour analysis course and add the tonal colour analysis system to your personal and group colour consultations.

tonal colour analysis course

Revitalise your colour consultancy

The Tonal System revitalises your colour consultancy, giving better value to your clients.

You see, the 4 seasons colour theory just doesn’t work for everyone and the tonal system fills in the gaps and you can provide both seasonal and tonal alternatives for all your clients. It will rescue all those poor clients who are struggling to make their seasonal diagnosis work for them.

A wardrobe that builds on tonal colouring

See your seasonal colour analysis clients again and show them a better way to create a wardrobe that builds on their tonal colouring. So book in your already-happy-with-their-season clients for a tonal update to add more value and personalise their colour experience.

So adding the Tonal System will provide you and your clients with more opportunities to work together. This means happier clients who will recommend you to everyone they know, which means more colour consultation bookings. Everyone wins!

A full day of training

In the Tonal Colour Analysis Course watch a full day of training where Di learns how to add the tonal system to her current seasonal colour analysis work.

  • How to diagnose tonal colouring without a drape in sight
  • How to convert a tonal diagnosis into a seasonal diagnosis, and vice versa
  • How to use drapes for a tonal colour analysis, and exactly what to look for
  • How to choose drapes for tonal colour analysis, especially when you already have seasonal drapes
  • The legacy and influence of Giorgio Armani on the colour industry
  • What your colour client really wants to know, and what you should stop telling her right now!
  • How to revisit those clients who didn’t resonate with being a season and give them tonal advice that works
  • How to break the nonsensical rules that have stifled both colour consultants and their clients for years
  • In-depth descriptions of all 6 tonal types with suggestions for best colours, neutrals, glasses, jewellery
  • Print-ready client handouts for each of the 6 tonal types
  • The 4-page Tonal Taster script – my secret marketing method. Watch and listen as Di and I walk through the entire script and learn how to use the Tonal Taster to promote your 1-1 colour analysis consultations
Dear Kim, I would firstly like to say thank you for such wonderful courses. I have just completed my Colour Analysis and Ladies Style Courses and training manuals and both courses were so informative and enjoyable. I just need to get going now and gosh… I am so nervous!! I absolutely love colour as I am qualified in Colour Healing Therapy and I love the psychology of it all, so am looking forward to applying my new skills.



Hello there Kim! I have just finished your wonderful Color Analysis in a Box and Tonal Taster Training and would like to request my Diploma. I have been immersed in the wonderful world of learning all about your color system and have to say this is by far the best experience abroad that I have ever had and feel very blessed to have you as my teacher! I found it to be the most comprehensive program I could find and the one that makes total sense to me.



Finished!! Kim So delighted. Loved it!! Super super course. Can’t wait to start practising. Wore some of my wow colours (chocolate brown and ochre) to a family occasion last weekend and got lots of compliments. I would love to be able to do this for others. Thanks so much for everything. You are changing my life in more ways than you know.



I’ve recently finished watching the Colour-in-a-Box videos – fantastic!! Very interesting, informative & inspiring – I loved the layout and Sue’s questions. I have all sorts of ideas and plans in my head re how to move forwards! I intend to watch the course again but in the meantime I thought I should make a start with the questions I have for you so far. Here are the first lot…



Hi Kim, I would just like to say I LOVE watching you teach. I can honestly watch the videos over and over again (which is what I’m doing). I am a visual learner first then followed by words then repetition. You are so funny, light hearted and well spoken. I am only on video 1-3 (Color in a Box) and I can tell I will enjoy the rest of the training very much. You are very inspirational.


Canada and UAE

So excited! Wonderful seeing you in action with the Tonal Taster session, Kim. You and Neil make a great team. Thank you both for all your hard work.


New Zealand

A great alternative to the Tonal Colour Analysis Course is Colour Analysis Training in a Box where you can learn seasonal and tonal colour analysis from scratch or add colour to your existing colour consultancy work with my proven step-by-step ‘Put the Client First’ system together with my personal support.

Watching you on Colour Analysis Training in a Box is awesome. I am learning soooo much. I have my first workshop booked in and I have 6 ladies, and am soo glad I got to watch you on Colour in a Box. I feel ready!! Thank you for this fabulous course. It has really changed my life.



Excellent, thanks Kim, Christmas has come early!



Recommended Colour Analysis Supplies

All our courses, collections, and coaching are franchise-free which means you do not have to use the colour analysis drapes, capes, and fabric fans in our colour analysis supplies, but the colour supplies we use the most in our courses are:

The course is organised into modules and each module is broken down into manageable topics so that you can easily keep track of your progress. The course contains over 4 hours of video tuition with transcripts and extra training materials.

  1. Video based training
  2. Includes a 4-page Tonal Taster script
  3. Easy to view, download, or print course notes
  4. Easy to view, download, or print training resources
  5. Easy to view, download, or print client handouts
  6. Personal email support
  7. Training certification

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