Colour Analysis Explained

Discover your seasonal colour direction by learning my step-by-step method of colour analysis for each of the Tonal and Seasonal directions, and how to run a fun colour consultation.

Colour Analysis Explained was day one of a 3-day Colour Analysis Summit created to present all things colour analysis. Learn by watching the course attendees being diagnosed, using a variety of analysis techniques, both with and without drapes.


Beginners can learn colour analysis from scratch.


Experienced image consultants can update their colour analysis skills.

What’s included?

Which methods of colour analysis are covered? All of them:

  • 4 Seasons, 12 seasons, etc.
  • 6 Tones, 12 tones, etc.
  • Extended seasons, Flow analysis, etc.

Seasonal and tonal colour analysis explained.

How everyone can wear almost any colour.

How many colours each season can wear.

My step-by-step process for how to run a fun colour consultation.

Neutrals for each of the 4 seasons.

Comprehensive book list of all things colour.

My Seasonal and Tonal quiz, and more!

Lifetime access to online self-study learning.

No business content, just colour analysis and nothing but colour!

Colour analysis has come a long way

Colour analysis has come a long way since I started back in 1980.

It took me around 5 years to ‘get’ seasonal colour analysis so I understand exactly how it feels to be unsure about what you’re doing when you sit a client or friend in front of the mirror and feel that you’re expected to perform like an expert!

This is exactly why I’m sharing with you my step-by-step method of colour analysis for each of the tonal and seasonal directions.

Beginners can learn from scratch; experienced image consultants can update their skills and learn new techniques, and personal stylists can add in-depth colour knowledge to their skill set.

How Colour Analysis Explained came to be

In January 2013, fifteen amazing ladies travelled through heavy snow from across the UK and Ireland, and one even flew all the way from Thailand, to attend my 3-day Colour Analysis Summit.

No business content. No marketing. Simply colour, colour, and nothing but colour.

We videoed the entire three days and Day 1 became this mini course: Colour Analysis Explained, teaching everything I know about colour from hundreds of years’ experience of running my own successful image business and also from teaching other consultants how to create their own.

This is your chance to learn seasonal and tonal colour for fun and personal interest, and how to apply it to real-life – for yourself, friends, family, and clients

Using a variety of analysis techniques, with and without drapes, you’ll be diagnosing seasonal and tonal colour in no time at all!

Lifetime access

You get lifetime access to all the content of the Colour Analysis Explained mini course.

No business content, just colour analysis, more colour, and nothing but colour!

If you’re looking for professional-level colour analysis training with business content, support and certification, you need Colour Analysis Training in a Box.


Approximately 6 hours of video of me teaching a live training course for 15 consultants.


  • 6 videos to watch, each around 58 minutes
  • A book list of 10 recommended colour analysis books
  • A collection of 10 downloadable documents


  1. Additional course notes
  2. What is Colour Analysis? The theory of colour
  3. Primary, secondary, and tertiary colours
  4. Hint and tips for the 4 Seasons, including how many colours for each season
  5. Four Japanese Seasons, clearly demonstrating that all 4 seasons are possible in every ethnic group
  6. Dominant Tonal Characteristics: (a) how to recognise the six dominant characteristics with a simple process of elimination, (b) List of comparison drapes, (c) list of neutrals for comparison
  7. Tonal to Seasonal, and Seasonal to Tonal look-up charts
  8. Seasonal Tonal Quiz - 26 pages with images of real clients for you to practise on
  9. Seasonal Tonal Quiz Answers
  10. Suggested Colour Consultation Overview - 6 pages with suggestions for the best colours for lightest and darkest neutrals, best accent colours, and which colours each season should avoid

About Instructor

Kim Bolsover

The VIP Lounge was founded by award-winning mentor, trainer, speaker, and author, Kim Bolsover, who is also an independent trainer for Wella UK’s Master Colour Expert trainers and a Certified Words That Change Minds LAB Profile® Practitioner. Kim has over 40 years’ experience teaching colour, style and image, appearance, behaviour and communication, and in coaching and mentoring image consultants and entrepreneurs to build their own successful businesses.

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