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We are in the process of moving all our private discussion groups and training courses into The VIP Lounge and when it’s done, you will be able to access ALL your groups, courses and resources in one place with one account. However, this is a huge undertaking so we will be completing the project in stages throughout 2022.

The VIP Lounge is the new single log-in website we’ve all been waiting for. The new home for online access to your franchise-free training, private discussion groups, bespoke mentoring & personal coaching, with one account, one username and one password.

The course content isn’t changing a great deal; this is a course software upgrade that’s free-of-charge to all customers and includes new course structures, and progress tracking so you never forget where you are in your training.

The upgrades & new features
are free of charge to all customers

New course layout

All of our courses (and mini courses) have a brand-new layout that’s easy to use across all devices.

New course modular structure

All of our courses (and mini courses) have a brand-new modular structure that’s easy to navigate no matter how many modules there may be. You can even mark modules and topics as completed to keep track of your progress.

A new search facility that allows you to search for specific content in all your training courses, resources, modules, topics, and support group discussions
VIP Lounge new coures progress tracking

New course progress tracking

All of our courses (and mini courses) have a brand-new course progress tracking feature. It’s easy to mark course modules as completed as you work your way through your learning.

Some courses have video subtitles, perfect if English isn't your first language or when you want to turn the playback volume down. Additional languages including Spanish are being considered too.

Video streaming made simple

All of our courses have a brand-new video player that’s easy to navigate with new chapter markers, chapter menu button, full screen option, and adaptive streaming technology to give you the best possible quality and reliabaility for your internet connection.

Online training manuals

A new document viewer, with no extra software required, means you can easily view all the pages online, or download to your device to read offline, or print so you can add your own hand-written notes.

A new training support form makes it easier to send me your training questions from inside your course. No need to switch over to a separate email app.

Personal email support

Our professional image consultant training options include a minimum of 3 months personal email support where you can ask all your training questions. There’s also Premium training too which includes extended personal email support. Premium training is included with Colour Analysis Training in a Box (6 months of personal email support) and the Ultimate Training Program (12 months of personal email support).

Some courses, such as the Men's Image Course, include a built-in private, secure support group so that you can connect with others who are studying on the same course.

Training certification

When you’ve completed the training, book a private zoom or telephone appointment with me and I can assess your progress and you can ask me all your training questions. When you and I are both happy that you’re ready, we will prepare your certificate.

All our professional-level training now includes a new custom-design diploma certificate. Stand out from the crowd and display your certification.
image consultant certification

Which course is right for you?

Our colour analysis courses are just the ticket if you’re looking for high-end, in-depth, nothing-left-out training. All our professional-level courses include training manuals, additional resources, lifetime access, automatic free course updates, and help & support when you need it. If high-end training isn’t your thing then our have some fun options are just what you need.

Recommended courses

If you were to ask me for a training recommendation, the course combination that would get your image consultancy up-and-running and profitable in the shortest possible time, would be these little gems.

  1. Start with Colour Analysis Training in a Box
  2. Then complete Colour Your Client Fabulous Online
  3. Followed by the Get More Clients Course

Colour Analysis Training in a Box

Diagnose both seasonal and tonal colour analysis for every skin type. Learn how to get your colour consultancy up and running, and how to run your colour consultations and workshops.


Get More Clients Course

Where to find your first paying clients, how to let clients know that you’re available for business, exactly what to say to them, what to charge, and how to retain clients too.

Colour Analysis Training in a Box is franchise-free, like all our courses, with no rules or restictions, and contains absolutely everything you need to develop your colour analysis skills, taking into account your personality and the personality of your client too. The modular course structure with lifetime access means your learning resources will be at your side every step of the way.

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