Colour analysis in the VIP lounge

VIP Lounge

Colour analysis course upgrades

We are upgrading all our professional-level franchise-free colour analysis training courses and moving them into their brand-new home here in the VIP Lounge. All with a fresh new look, new features, and updated content.

colour analysis training manual

New course layout

All of our courses have a brand-new layout that’s easy to use across all devices.

New course modular structure

All of our courses have a brand-new modular structure that’s easy to navigate no matter how many modules there may be. You can even mark modules and topics as completed to keep track of your progress.

Video streaming made simple

All of our courses have a brand-new video player that’s easy to navigate with new chapter markers, chapter menu button, full screen option, and adaptive streaming technology to give you the best possible quality and reliabaility for your internet connection.

colour analysis training manual

Online training manuals

A new document viewer, with no extra software required, means you can easily view all the pages online, or download to your device to read offline, or print so you can add your own hand-written notes.

Training certification

When you’ve completed the training, book a private zoom or telephone appointment with me and I can assess your progress and you can ask me all your training questions. When you and I are both happy that you’re ready, we will prepare your certificate.

Personal email support

Our professional image consultant training options include a minimum of 3 months personal email support where you can ask all your training questions. There’s also Premium training too which includes extended personal email support. Premium training is included with Colour Analysis Training in a Box (6 months of personal email support) and the Ultimate Training Program (12 months of personal email support).

Professional-level franchise-free
colour analysis training

Colour analysis courses available now

Seasonal and tonal colour analysis courses, with colour psychology training. Learn from scratch, or add colour analysis to your existing services, with my proven step-by-step Stuff the System Put the Client First method, along with personal email support.

Fabulous Colour Analysis Course

A fabulous franchise-free colour analysis course designed for both beginners and experienced image consultants that works for every skin tone and skin colour. Be different and stand out from the crowd with my ‘Stuff the System Put the Client First…

Fabulous Colour Academy Membership

Franchise-free support, encouragement, and training for image consultants around the world, covering all aspects of seasonal and tonal colour analysis, and ladies’ and men’s personal style.

Colour Style Image Toolkit

A fabulous collection of online, downloadable documents. 28 done-for-you, ready-to-print handouts for your colour & style workshops and consultations.

Colour Analysis Genius

Colour Analysis Genius is built entirely around colour analysis and how to be fully booked. It’s for you if you love, live, and breathe colour, and you would love to be recognised as a Colour Analysis Genius.

The Tonal Taster

The Tonal Taster script used at the Eastwood Hall live event in front of a capacity audience, is my secret marketing method and this live recording has never before been available as a training resource. If I had to start again tomorrow with no cl…