Bespoke Online Colour Consultation

Be treated like an individual. If you absolutely insist on nothing less than the best bespoke online colour consultation, this is for you. A personal online colour consultation and personality profile with Kim Bolsover.

Your very own bespoke online colour consultation,
personally analysed by Kim Bolsover

If you insist on nothing less than the very best, this is a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to book your very own bespoke online colour consultation, personally analysed by Kim Bolsover.

Discover how to dress to express who you really are using your seasonal and tonal colours AND your colour personality with your very own bespoke online Colour Consultation and Personality profile.

Probably the best-est colour personality consultation on the planet!

This is an online service so there’s no need to take time off work or be away from the family, or pay for travel and accommodation to come and see me in person. You and I will work together online.

This is NOT a training course, and it is NOT one of those automated computer-generated colour consultations either!

But I must warn you…

This isn’t just the usual run-of-the-mill online colour consultation that you find all over the internet.

Most of them just ask you to identify the colour of your eyes, hair, and skin tone, and then send you a pre-formatted standard reply that means you get exactly the same information as the rest of the world!

My online colour personality consultations are not like that at all!

You cannot simply drop 8 billion people on this planet into 4 neat little boxes!

You are not a lump of meat!

You are a living, breathing human being with feelings and emotions that can change in a moment.

Just ask a menopausal woman how she felt 20 minutes ago!

My analysis goes much deeper than you will find anywhere else, combining your physical colouring & your personality so that you can be who you were always meant to be.

I pore over your photos and consultation answers myself which takes considerable time, so if you’re looking for overnight results, this is not for you.

Your Bespoke Online Colour Consultation will show you

  • Your Seasonal colour direction:
    Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
  • Your Tonal colour direction:
    Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Bright or Soft/Muted
  • Which colours will make you look healthy and radiant
  • Which colours to keep away from your face at all costs
  • How to wear current fashion colours even if they’re not in your colour palette
  • Your best neutrals and how to wear black beautifully
  • How to look alive and interesting with the right hair colour
  • How to wear virtually any colour and not look like a stretcher case!
  • The best colours to wear for business, make-up, jewellery
  • A capsule wardrobe for your colouring
  • How to pack for a holiday using your best colours
  • How to save time, money, and guilt when shopping

The Missing Link
Your Colour Personality

  • You will learn the psychology of colour
  • How your physical colouring and your colour personality are intrinsically linked
  • Your main personality strengths and what motivates you
  • How to use colour to express who you really are
  • How, by wearing the right colours, others will treat you with more courtesy and respect

My consultations are all about you, who you really are, what makes you tick, where you are now, and where you’d rather be.

Your psychology, your personality, is as crucial to a personalised colour analysis with me as the sun rising and setting every day is crucial to life on earth.

Your personality sets you apart from the crowd

It governs how you behave, what you wear, and, therefore, how other people treat you.

Would you like to know how your personality affects your colouring?

Or is it your colouring that affects your personality?

When you understand how your physical and psychological colouring combine to make you unique, you will know how to dress to reflect who you truly are – on every occasion.

This isn’t just about your physical colouring

After 40+ years in this business, I cannot do a colour analysis based solely on what you look like.

The world and his mother can do that, and there are plenty to choose from. So if that’s all you think you’re worth – then this bespoke online colour consultation with me is definitely not for you.

This will be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself

You will save money, time, and guilt when shopping for clothes and accessories, and you will know how to dress to reflect who you truly are – on every occasion.

Colour & style is all about confidence and, when you understand what goes on at YOUR psychological level, you’ll soon be presenting yourself with total confidence on every occasion.

My analysis goes much deeper than you will get anywhere else. It’s positively fascinating stuff and you will love learning how your personality and your colours blend so beautifully together.

This is a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity

The last time I offered these bespoke online colour consultations was five years ago at £397 each. Two were snapped up on the first day. Three days later, when I realised I had too many bookings to cope with, I put the price up to £497 in a futile attempt to deter any more. Within the hour, one lady had booked two consultations – one for herself and one for her husband!

Each personalised consultation takes me at least 6 hours, spread over a few days, because I’m manic about doing the absolute best I can for you. I need time to muse and pontificate. Invariably I then discover something about you that I want to know more about, so I may send you a few more questions by email.

This is absolutely not a computer-generated colour analysis.

You and I will discuss. That’s what a real consultation is all about.

So you can see that I only have time and space in my diary for a few personalised colour & personality consultations at any one time and when I get too many bookings, I switch this page to a waiting list for the next once-in-a-blue moon – the last one was 5 years ago!

This is your once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to discover who you really are and how to dress for every occasion.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I place my order?

Just look for the ‘Payment Options’ button on this page. Complete your billing details, click the checkout button to pay and you will receive a confirmation email and further instructions.

Is this just for image consultants?

Not at all. This is for everyone so it doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home Mum, work in an office, run your own business, or drive a lorry! If you would like to know how to look and feel fabulous all the time, on every occasion, then this is for you.

How is this bespoke online colour consultation different from all the rest?

This isn’t just the usual run-of-the-mill online colour consultation. Most of ‘the rest’ just ask you to identify the colour of your eyes, hair and skin tone, and then send you a standard pre-formatted reply. You receive exactly the same information as the rest of the world and his mother. My bespoke online colour consultations and personality profiles are completely different, for 2 reasons:

  • This is not a computer-generated analysis
  • I personally pore over your answers and photos and create a Colour Portfolio especially for you
  • Your personality is what sets you apart from the crowd; it governs how you behave, what you wear, and, therefore, how other people treat you. Your personality and your colouring are absolutely linked and I will include a Special Introduction to your very own Colour Personality in your portfolio

How will you be able to analyse me without me being in the room?

I thought I had to sit in front of a mirror and you would drape me with different-coloured materials?

In my colour analysis courses I teach beginners how to do colour analysis in two ways – the conventional way that you describe, with drapes and a mirror and also without a drape in sight!

I’ve spent over 40 years investigating, researching and learning how to do colour analysis in as many ways as possible. Why?

Because I’m A Colour Rebel With A Cause!

I have never, ever believed there was just one way to do a colour consultation, so I set out to discover as many ways as possible. In fact, in my Advanced Colour Analysis Course I showcase 23 different ways and most of those do not include using any drapes at all!

I have designed all the questions in this bespoke online colour consultation myself, specifically to be able to use my own personal method of colour analysis. I then use my experience and intuition to ‘read’ the photos and answers you provide and ‘see’ who you really are.

What format is the Colour Portfolio I receive?

I produce a written document for you, called the Colour Portfolio, and send it to you as a pdf document. which can be read on any device that has a pdf viewer. The finished document will be at least 25 pages so I suggest you allocate some pamper-me time to settle down and read it.

Can you do my husband’s colour analysis?

I’d like to do this without him knowing, as a birthday present.

This bespoke online colour consultation is perfect as a gift. You can complete the questionnaire for your husband (or anyone else) and I will send the finished Colour Portfolio to you. You will then be able to forward on to your husband on his birthday, or print it off and present the document to him wrapped in gift paper!

So I don’t have to book a flight?

So I don’t have to book a flight from Australia to the UK to see you?

No seriously Kim, have I got this right? You can do my colour analysis online and make it really personal?

Yes indeedy!

This will be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself. You will save money and time when shopping for clothes and accessories, and you will know how to dress to reflect who you truly are. What you wear tells other people how to treat you!

Helping people to get what they want from life by understanding who they were always meant to be is exactly what I was put on the planet for, so it will be an absolute honour, not to mention a total delight, to work with you on your Bespoke Online Colour Consultation and Personality Profile.

Just to say thanks for sending me the colour analysis. There is so much detail in it which makes it very good value. I especially like the way you recommend colours and colour combinations.



First of all I want to say thank you for transforming my clothes mindset! Having completed your online colour consultation I have undertaken a steady, but definite overhaul of my wardrobe. Over six months ago I started to review my image very seriously, not only through trying to lose weight, but also in order to choose clothes that are more suitable to me. After you identified that I was an Autumn I have been out shopping with my colour swatch book buying a new brown suit, a brown and rust blouse and a jade green top – to name but a few. It has been wonderful seeing how more suitable colours have transformed the way I feel about how I look.



Thank you for the swatch and the portfolio. I have already started to use them by purchasing clothes. It has been very helpful. Thank you.



Thank you very much for my portfolio. I am really amazed by how detailed and accurate your analysis is. I thought the color psychology is quite fun. I smiled when I saw what you wrote about my personality. It’s so wonderful to know my personal color, it will help me tremendously for my future reference in terms of choosing color for my clothes, accessories & makeup. It’s not only going to make me look fabulous but also save a lot of my time and money.



What a wonderful and enlightening experience this has been! Apologies it has taken me a few days to respond but, I wanted to read it thoroughly at least four times. Now I literally can’t wait to get my mitts on my Cool Winter wallet.

I remember feeling so disappointed when the stylist who previously did my colours said I couldn’t wear red. She diagnosed me as a Summer, as you know. Luckily I didn’t get rid of my red dress which could pass for vintage Valentino – as I always received so many compliments when I wore it. I was also flummoxed as I did always feel smart wearing white blouses and black tailoring on occasions for work.

I will now put a halt to all the black ousting of my wardrobe! Thank you Kim for such a brilliant and in-depth analysis. The colour psychology felt like a comforting form of therapy. I actually don’t talk about myself very much as I am more of a listener – so it was wonderfully self indulgent and absolutely spot on.



I appreciate your talent and help so much. I am recommending all my friends and family. Thank you for looking over these additional photos. You are the greatest.



I have a confession, well only a small one, because I have previously been analysed as an Autumn. I have found overtime though that there are huge sections of the autumn colours that I simply do not get on with and I think make me look unwell. It is a relief to realise that the Spring corally pink (not sure of the official name – possible called geranium pink by another firm) is in my palette. I have bought it and taken it back so many times thinking ‘no that’s too pink for me’! Thank you for the analysis, I can quite understand why it is a time consuming part of your work!



Thanks very much for sending the Online Colour Analysis. I’ve had time to read through it all now, and it is really interesting! I’d worked out that I was a Summer before, but could never seem to pin down if I was a Cool or a Soft or a Light or whatever and sometimes I got tempted to buy Winter colours, which almost worked sometimes, but not quite.



I want to start off by thanking you again for offering this service. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have this opportunity even though I’m living in another country! I would love to have done it in person, but this was the next best thing! I have read your analysis many times (I have lost count).



I have gone over and over the analysis and learned new things about myself. First, I am glad I’m a winter! I love all those colours. On to the personality part. There were quite a few surprises in this section. I had to really study this and think about myself honestly. I got a couple of close friends to go through it with me and we all were in agreement that you were quite accurate. When I read that summary it felt like it was screaming me!

I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and I find it so interesting and I have already learned so much. I am seriously considering a future in this field. I have ordered your ladies style training course and I’m excited to begin learning. I can’t see myself ever getting to where you are but I’m looking forward to trying! My dream is to know about colour well enough to be able to do a colour analysis one day. Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to learning more from you!



Having read the colour portfolio I found it very interesting and you make some very kind remarks, thank you. Your assessment of my colour psychology was spot on and described me to a T.



That was very interesting, I went and bought a cheap coat today in ivory and to my huge surprise the colour actually looks good! I thought I could never wear those colours, especially as a base, it is very exciting! Thanks again. I look forward to creating a new image for myself with all of the valuable information you have given me. It has really helped me to define my style and to know how I can express my personality. All in perfect timing for spring!



Thank you so much. I have just had a quick chance to look over the basics of your analysis and wanted to say the following: Firstly, I will be ordering a colour palette during the week to suit my colours! Secondly, I can’t believe it! You are so right! It is really funny because even when reading the report I was thinking ‘fantastic – I love reds, bright colours, royal blues, etc.’ I absolutely love those jewel colours but hardly ever wear them because I always feel that I am pushing myself forward too much in them and feel a bit that people will find me really overpowering in them.

I can’t believe that you put in the report that I have been hiding away from the colours that I like – it is so true! I am going to spend time really reading the report properly during the week but just wanted to thank you so much for the analysis. I think it is great and I am just going to put on my red top when we go out for dinner this evening!



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